Power Summer

I hear a few rumors about an approaching Summer power problem. Can the grid handle it?

I don’t like Gavin Newsom’s electric car action (all electric by 2035). It’s highly irresponsible until we get nuclear (fusion?). There may be rolling blackouts now with the current power grid. Until we get better electricity flow, the Teslas may be grounded in the approaching hot times.

That sort of “virtue executive action” is what is wrong with high ideals that end in letting the next administration own it. The governor won’t be here then.

In his interview with Sean Hannity, Newsom doesn’t want to own the homeless problem, the crime problem, the businesses closing down and fleeing the state. (One doesn’t have to search too far to see these headlines.)

I’m pretty much a Californian (most of my years), but I don’t think being a proud one is that easy anymore.

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