Friends and Frenemies; Other things

I use the term frenemies very loosely. My friends from college are generally anti-politics in the church. I can see that that is needed. But I am just burned out on this subject and plan to take it up in October.

On to other things, I was intent on starting to read the classics I own from college and read part of the life of Johnson and some Middle Ages material, but after having read the introduction to the Canterbury Tales, I no longer continued to read The Wife of Bath. Since I didn’t have the desire to read the footnotes in every line of Chaucer, I faded out.

I am now reading Isaacson’s Elon Musk. Yes, a big change, but I love it so far. What an interesting man. He is determined and aggressive–but even with his problems, accomplishes great things.

There are, of course, many anti-capitalist people out there today, but many people do recognize his brilliance.