Coding Camp – Day 45

Today I was on the ball. At least I knew what was going on! Just a bit about recursion and then we did a mock interview session with classmates. Tried to act as interviewers to the other classmates. Eleanor is a smart cookie. She has some interviewing skills and it came through.

That’s where I am. Trying to learn how to respond in coding interviews. These kinds of questions about sorting algorithms are common.

Coding Camp – Days 43 – 44

The second project is behind us and we’re on to computer science for javascript. It reminds me of the CS50 class I took at Harvard online. We heard briefly about sorting algorithms last night and tonight we learn a bit about functional programming. This camp is giving us a great span of computer science and coding knowledge that we can build on later throughout life. It’s a neverending process this learning in our field.

P.S. Have to learn functional programming better as React is based on it.