Far from the Island Crowd

Every year in July, specifically on the 4th, this island becomes a madhouse. There’s no parking and nearly nude people are walking the blocks. We had to scuttle today as a group in a rented golf cart almost crashed into us. One time, during Covid, we had to run from a car racing toward us, the occupants rolling their windows down and telling us to put on our masks. No one likes that kind of stuff, but the sun and possibly alcohol and pot mix together for an upset stomach.

It’s not that I am against visitors; I just wish people would share the island instead of racing around it. Granted there is some insularity here, but the residents tend to be friendly. Despite the racers, it’s also fairly safe here. Whenever I look at Nextdoor, or other apps, I rarely see crimes here. The police do a thorough and pleasant job, too.

So today I just put my sunglasses on, waved to a neighbor as Jax and I passed by and just did a little people-watching. The young will be young. Don’t call me old.

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