Social Security scam and protection recommendations

If you receive a call, text, or email that says one of the following, it’s a scam:

* Threatens to suspend your Social Security number, even if they have part or all of your Social Security number
* Warns of arrest of legal action
* Demands or requests immediate payment
* Requires payment by gift card, prepaid debit card, internet currency, or by mailing cash
* Pressures you for personal information
* Requests secrecy
* Threatens to seize your bank account
* Promises to increase your Social Security benefit
* Tries to gain your trust by providing fake “documentation,” false “evidence,” or the name of a real government official Continue reading “Social Security scam and protection recommendations”

A Happy Thanksgiving

I was thinking about politics in regard to TG Day. It’s a series of memes. So my sister and her bf are coming to have dinner tomorrow and they’re also bringing their dog Oliver and my pup Jax back. They both differ in their politics from my mother and me, but are decent.

And if my brother were here? Not a guarantee of peace.

So I think there’s some humor in how the past and current presidents had their positive memorable phrases or slogans:

Reagan – A shining city on a hill
GHW Bush – A thousand points of light
Clinton – Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
GW Bush – Compassionate conservatism and mission accomplished
Obama – Yes we can
Trump – Make America great again
Biden – I have no idea

That last one could be enough of a jump off point to a shallow argument. But slogans do not make the man. They do make for good argument material though. Why someone could not just keep their mouth shut and love their family is beyond me.

So I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and drop a note to say what you’re doing. Blessings!

Black Friday Deals #1!

Things I saw that are kewl.

Must have for the geek who needs everything 8^)

As I consider my game play, I may want to reconsider my dusty headset

I have my old Beats, but this – PuroQuiets Active Noise Cancelling Headphone w/Built in Mic

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The Press shows not what could be, but what is in the state of journalism

Objective journalism is all but dying (dead?) here, but it’s been dead for a while in the U.K., the difference overseas now is that “activist journalism” is understood. The editor-in-chief in BBC’s “The Press,” Duncan Allen (played by Ben Chaplin) is the ruthless stereotype of what is, in today’s journalism.

Ironically, while trying to expose corruption, he too is exposed for his sordid private life. So it’s anti-climactic when he reveals his ideas to change society.  Why shouldn’t it be that they create horrible news stories to create change? There is not even a mention here of objectivity. (Hence the disappearing difference between the U.K. and the U.S.)

Journalism was comedic with His Girl Friday and Switching Channels, tragic in Citizen Kane, and disconcerting in The Press. But taking part in the story you’re writing should not be part of your reporting. That means taking part by putting your opinions in as well.

Can change happen without this in real life? I hope so.

From brandished swords to cyberspies

This is some gall and ominous.  But the news today is about China warning about Taiwan. So far, I have little faith in what our administration is doing.
China builds mockups of U.S. Navy ships in area used for missile target practice | Reuters

Their inroads are significant. But the big problem is that they are graduating tens of thousands into cybersecurity and IT.

China’s next generation of hackers won’t be criminals. That’s a problem. | TechCrunch

H/T Daniel Miessler

macOS zero day on watering hole

Another macOS zero-day giving root access, Google warns hackers used macOS zero-day flaw, could capture keystrokes, screengrabs | ZDNet also on iPhones. A watering hole attack relies on profiles of a website’s typical visitors to create the attack. For companies, note the websites of your industry’s conferences, standards bodies, and vendors.

Pretty sophisticated code I guess because analysts were looking at the quality as being like that of dev team: “…[u]sual-suspect traits of malware built for spying on a target, including device fingerprint, screen captures, the ability to upload and download files, as well as execute terminal commands…also record audio and log keystrokes.”

Just be wary where you are following the same sites as co-workers. Beware email lures. Get secure email and malware solutions for your business.

Cyber mercenaries advertising

Since 2015, Void Balaur has been targeting around a dozen high-profile professionals a day: human rights activists, journalists, politicians, telecommunications engineers and medical doctors. They’ve also been advertising on Russian-language sites. This is not only in DARKReading, but also The Hacker News , Trend Micro, and ZDNet.

ZDNet covered a piece of malware they’ve dropped in some sites some time ago:

Use multi-factor authentication to protect your email and social media accounts. Physical keys instead of SMS passcodes. Use reputable email. Webmail is best. I use Gmail, which has superior spam filters.

The West’s self-hatred must end before it is destroyed

Tens of thousands of would-be immigrants are massing at the southern border. They’re coming for the good of the West (but are unlikely to appear before a judge as they have been told to). We know why they are coming: technology, commerce, opportunity—and liberty that only democratic capitalism has been successful enough to create. Why is this so hard to admit? Continue reading “The West’s self-hatred must end before it is destroyed”

Gadgets 11/04/2021: Walmart, Dell, Amazon early Black Friday; USED Shopping; xTool M1 Laser & Blade; Robot arm

My new tech days are comprised of today’s deals and then upcoming tech that I think kewl.

I have some general suggestions today.

Walmart Black Friday

Dell Black Friday

Amazon Black Friday

How to SHOP USED–Forget the supply chain!


Cutting and engraving xTool M1 – Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter

UFACTORY Lite 6 – Most Affordable Collaborative Robot Arm


Biden hits this one

I commend Biden on continuing Trump’s concern over the danger of China’s telecom  (government) footprint. It’s one of those things that Trump was right about. A country that monitors, tortures and oppresses its people, that shuts down democracy, and imprisons and brainwashes people because of their religion should not be allowed in the community of benevolent nations. Benevolent. I still think that we need to reconsider what we consider a superpower. China under the CCP should not be.

Socialism, Communism, meh

I am always hearing this ranting about the dangers of Democratic Socialism by those on the right, how it’s just Communism. I’m not convinced. I think that those who want it, no matter that i think it’s not an entirely workable system, want the kind of Socialism that is in Sweden or Denmark–not Communism. The results of Communism is rather obvious, but let’s not conflate the two.