2024 China shenanigans, part 23

So what’s going with the totalitarians over there right now?

– EU tarrifs on Chinese EVs are making the CCP unhappy and Beijing is discouraging other countries from going to the Global Peace Summit in retaliation. It is promoting a Ukrainian-sponsored peace plan instead.
– The PLA has deployed J20 fighters around the border with India.
– China has been accused of selling more garbage counterfeits goods, this time (intentionally?) to Boeing and Airbus.
– New Zealand is having to deal with security interference and intimidation of Chinese ethnicities in New Zealand.
– PLA is still continuing its expansion into the South China Sea with building up its island bases and nuke vessels of deterrence.

Besides that, they’re “friends.”

The Heavier Requirement

The sometime appreciation for China’s poverty-reducing measures relies on the CCP’s supposed benevolence in other ways. From our vision outside China, we see:
* the ruthless treatment of minorities like the Uyghurs in the brainwashing camps
* the military drills with eyes on Taiwan, Japan, and other nations in China’s orbit
* the theft of our technology and IP
* the expansionist mindset with the Belt and Road colonies, including spying
* the monitoring of their populace with the social credit and other systems
* the stealthy weapon of TikTok and other Chinese tech companies
* the Chinese police stations in Western countries

The occasional Western fascination with China is a head scratcher. To the Left, the strange kingdom over seas appears more praiseworthy than our democracies. When taken together, I think this confluence of Leftist beliefs about the malignancy of capitalism and the various social issues of “oppressed minorities” has caused a lack of self-awareness in the progressive.

As upholders of true democracy, though imperfect, we must make every effort to see the world as it is.

US and EU agree

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen indicated that the bloc is open to banning TikTok. This is in the middle of continuous cyber attacks and military provocation.

My long-time question is what would happen were there an actual hot war? For one, our military is a volunteer organization.  There is no draft and the volunteer numbers are dropping. What would happen in the event of a catastrophic cyber attack? Would we and our youth be prepared?

Second, the US has lost war game after war game. In spite of our advanced technology.

Can’t let this keep us up at night, but take note.

China unleashed

The CCP has been sending its young men to “invade” the U.S. southern border. A strange thing since we don’t know the benefit to the Party. These are men in their 20s, which would suggest they may not be married and are therefore free of reliance on the family and on the Chinese government. I don’t know if the Right is correct here. It may not be a military action.

But one thing is for sure: Chinese culture is pulling ahead. While our youth (Gen Z) are drawn into the use of China’s TikTok and other social media, their youth are studying to be engineers. It’s really shameful. Seeing some man on the street videos recently, I am disheartened that we can’t get it together. Gen Z know a lot about what they should speak, but not how.

Other events, like the Chinese selling fentanyl and the spy balloon crossing the continent, point toward the Biden administration either not giving a crap, being careless, or worst of all, doing these things purposefully. I don’t want to say that last one is true, but these actions are evil (fentanyl) or provocative (balloon). One asks why the Chinese are proliferating a drug that is deadly. Wouldn’t it be better to keep your junkies coming back instead of killing them?

It just goes to show that the friendly Chinese are not that.

China EV threat

I am continually flummoxed about the U.S.’s uncommitted actions against the Chinese Communist Party’s intentions here, namely its in-roads to the U.S. technology markets. Now we may have taken notice about the auto industry?

As to data, even though the White House announced a new executive order that aims to prevent “countries of concern,” including China, North Korea, and Russia, from purchasing sensitive data about Americans, I am not optimistic.

We know that China is using slave labor to manufacture various technologies and products. We know that they are propping up their sagging markets through government action. We know that they are not a friendly competitor.

We have to look on them as an authoritarian foe. We have to take action to curb their intrusions. The West as a whole needs to.

More China trouble

China has its tentacles into our
infrastructure. While the nation is diverted with other important issues. Also been watching the border situation get worse. When mainstream media outlets report on the issue then you know it’s not fake news.
“Last year, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported 37,000 Chinese citizens were apprehended as they illegally crossed the border; that’s 50 times more than two years earlier.”

Chaos reigns.

China and WWIII

A number of things are going on around the globe concerning China:

– China is only calling for a two-state solution in Israel, not condemning Hamas. It seems the efforts to support a cease-fire are only words; Beijing is leveraging anti-Israel sentiment to enhance its standing. This is all to do with China’s desire to challenge U.S. authority and standing in the world.

– Beijing has not said a thing about the Houthi attacks on civilian shipping in the Red Sea. The crimes and threats there don’t seem to be a bother to Xi. Again this comes down to Chins wanting a geopolitical advantage over the United States. China says the U.S. is creating chaos and offers no support to solving that problem.

– A regional war over Taiwan could cost the world $10 trillion.

– And, of course, China is saber-rattling over Taiwan’s upcoming election. They’re pushing “US skepticism” and sowing doubt about our alliance. Because of Beijing’s disinformation campaigns Taiwan opinion about the U.S. may be changing and Taiwan’s geostrategic importance is evident.

– Tibet, ethnic Uyghurs, Mongolians, and Manchus; Beijing is seeking to erase Tibetan identity like it has done with those people groups.

This is all happening while the wars in Ukraine and Israel are taking place.

Rewriting the Bible, Eyes on Taiwan, Real Estate Problem

It’s pretty audacious of the CCP to rewrite the Bible. To do that, they are truly an atheistic government, an in-your-face move. I know it may seem unrelated, but the CCP’s desire for Taiwan is similar in that they have no qualms about letting their intents be clearly made. As one of the biggest human rights abusers (Uighur, Christian, minorities, and democratic protestors), their boldness is stark.

Domestically, the real estate crisis is serious. The Evergrande collapse is a harbinger, and their credit has just been downgraded.

They are building new coal-burning plants every month and are the largest polluters worldwide; they can’t be reined in. But do the greens care? Strangely, the Left pulls out their Chinese flags, and Newsom cleans up the streets just for them. That’s been in the news a lot, but it’s worth noting.

Note it against the backdrop of Palestinian flags and chants of “from the river to the sea.”

Stay Engaged and Encouraged

So there are a number of situations that are of concern around the world right now:

– The Afghan and Pakistani Taliban are conspiring to get their hands on Pakistani nuclear weapons.

– The Chinese are still preparing to blockade Taiwan and bring down the global economy.

– The Venezuelans are discussing with the Russians the idea of arming hypersonic missiles with nuke warheads.

– A worst-case scenario nuke attack could wipe out 90% of the U.S. population.

It’s easy to point out that most people are either oblivious to or purposefully ignoring the news. Continue reading “Stay Engaged and Encouraged”

Musk said it about China 🇨🇳

“The official policy of China is that Taiwan should be integrated. One does not need to read between the lines, one can read the lines.”
-Elon Musk

I’m trying not to be pessimistic, but I read that the U.S. lost 18 successive war games with a force representing China. Things are not looking good. The invasion of Taiwan may result in our humiliation.

For short term riches, we’ve given up our economic advantages as well. Both Republican and Democratic administrations have failed to curb Chinese territorial expansion. Other countries around the world have also sold land and water to China for short term gains.

Semiconductors and Bibles

Saw a different assessment about China timeline for attack by late September. Others have pushed it as far as 2025. The Taiwan strait is the most dangerous waterway in the world. I have faith in our men and women in uniform, our leadership not so much.

On a separate note, I’ve also seen the various edits of the Bible by the party. Today, the verses recounting Christ’s reaction to those who would have stoned the woman for adultery–he who is without sin cast the first stone–had added to them Jesus saying he too is a sinner and stoning her himself. Certainly strange and blasphemous.

The CCP is our and the world’s biggest worry.

Technology, manufacturing, and Taiwan

So we helped China develop a version of capitalism that works for them, they’ve stolen our best technology, and they’re aiming for Taiwan by 2025. This financial advisor is saying that manufacturing is moving back to the U.S. I hope he’s right. That China’s economy is hobbling right now and they have a per capita median income well below ours doesn’t matter. They’re a threat to us economically and militarily.

I have a friend who is convinced that the Asian economies are more advanced. With the theft of our secrets, which is angering enough, China is poised to pass us up. Japan has had a flagging economy for years now, Korea is strong, but will China overstretch itself?

This all makes me patriotic.

China beyond Taiwan

While we wait for the start of the Taiwan war, Xi now sets his sights on Okinawa? (Sign up for a free account at the Economist to get 3 articles a month.) Doesn’t seem like there is much alarm about anything China from the current administration. Goes beyond incompetence to apparent intentional disregard for what will happen there. The Chinese have long memories–and long-term plans.

Can’t blame it all on the current administration though. There is now an inextricable reliability on Chinese goods and services. The fact that they are experiencing an economic crisis and that they would be devastated if they called in our debt, does little to comfort China watchers.