Musk said it about China 🇨🇳

“The official policy of China is that Taiwan should be integrated. One does not need to read between the lines, one can read the lines.”
-Elon Musk

I’m trying not to be pessimistic, but I read that the U.S. lost 18 successive war games with a force representing China. Things are not looking good. The invasion of Taiwan may result in our humiliation.

For short term riches, we’ve given up our economic advantages as well. Both Republican and Democratic administrations have failed to curb Chinese territorial expansion. Other countries around the world have also sold land and water to China for short term gains.

Semiconductors and Bibles

Saw a different assessment about China timeline for attack by late September. Others have pushed it as far as 2025. The Taiwan strait is the most dangerous waterway in the world. I have faith in our men and women in uniform, our leadership not so much.

On a separate note, I’ve also seen the various edits of the Bible by the party. Today, the verses recounting Christ’s reaction to those who would have stoned the woman for adultery–he who is without sin cast the first stone–had added to them Jesus saying he too is a sinner and stoning her himself. Certainly strange and blasphemous.

The CCP is our and the world’s biggest worry.

Technology, manufacturing, and Taiwan

So we helped China develop a version of capitalism that works for them, they’ve stolen our best technology, and they’re aiming for Taiwan by 2025. This financial advisor is saying that manufacturing is moving back to the U.S. I hope he’s right. That China’s economy is hobbling right now and they have a per capita median income well below ours doesn’t matter. They’re a threat to us economically and militarily.

I have a friend who is convinced that the Asian economies are more advanced. With the theft of our secrets, which is angering enough, China is poised to pass us up. Japan has had a flagging economy for years now, Korea is strong, but will China overstretch itself?

This all makes me patriotic.

China beyond Taiwan

While we wait for the start of the Taiwan war, Xi now sets his sights on Okinawa? (Sign up for a free account at the Economist to get 3 articles a month.) Doesn’t seem like there is much alarm about anything China from the current administration. Goes beyond incompetence to apparent intentional disregard for what will happen there. The Chinese have long memories–and long-term plans.

Can’t blame it all on the current administration though. There is now an inextricable reliability on Chinese goods and services. The fact that they are experiencing an economic crisis and that they would be devastated if they called in our debt, does little to comfort China watchers.

From brandished swords to cyberspies

This is some gall and ominous.  But the news today is about China warning about Taiwan. So far, I have little faith in what our administration is doing.
China builds mockups of U.S. Navy ships in area used for missile target practice | Reuters

Their inroads are significant. But the big problem is that they are graduating tens of thousands into cybersecurity and IT.

China’s next generation of hackers won’t be criminals. That’s a problem. | TechCrunch

H/T Daniel Miessler

Biden hits this one

I commend Biden on continuing Trump’s concern over the danger of China’s telecom  (government) footprint. It’s one of those things that Trump was right about. A country that monitors, tortures and oppresses its people, that shuts down democracy, and imprisons and brainwashes people because of their religion should not be allowed in the community of benevolent nations. Benevolent. I still think that we need to reconsider what we consider a superpower. China under the CCP should not be.

China’s Aggression and U.S. Debt

The incursions on Taiwanese airspace seems to have picked up. I don’t know how this will work out if there is conflict with the U.S. Will the debt we owe China be called in if there is a conflict? We know that it would have a horrible effect, but China would suffer as well. This piece I wrote a little while back talks about the debt and Chinese aggression before these events.

Thoughts on 100th Anniversary of the CCP

More Bad Signs That China is Testing Our Infrastructure

This article is alarming:
“US says 23 pipeline operators were targeted, of which 13 were successfully compromised.” I am going to do a synopsis-style argument about the average U.S. citizen who does not realize the depth of the cyber attack issue.
US says Chinese hackers breached 13 pipeline operators between 2011 and 2013 – The Record by Recorded Future

There are also Russia, Ukrainian, and Iranian groups mentioned in this article.

Thoughts on 100th Anniversary of the CCP

So this just happened: Xi Jinping Casts Communist Party as China’s Savior on Centenary of Founding – The New York Times (
The hundredth anniversary of the CCP on July 1 saw the finest bluster from Xi Jinping, e.g. China will not be oppressed, China will not be sanctimoniously preached to, China will not be bullied.

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As Democracy Slept Hong Kong Wept

China is continuing its march to unification of Hong Kong’s system of laws with the mainland’s. Is the U.K. or the U.S. going to do anything, not just talk? If we place sanctions then more Hong Kongers are going to jail because they “colluded.” Of course, we know that they come for the free press first. I don’t know the American people’s level of concern about this. As a journalist by education, I’m truly alarmed that a free press is critical to the whole world. Yes, there are enough concerns here about freedom of the press (Facebook, Twitter), but this is going to test our resolve. Not enough coverage.

“‘When sharp criticisms are completely gone, mild criticisms are seen as a nuisance,’ said one person in mainland China“When mild criticisms are not tolerated, silence is seen as an ulterior motive. When silence is not allowed, inadequate praises are a crime. If only one type of voice is allowed, then that voice is a lie!'”

“…In a circular argument they say the press has nothing to fear, as long as journalists do not break the law which they refuse to define…
International outrage has had no effect. On Friday, [Hong Kong’s security chief, John Lee] and the police commissioner, Chris Tang, were promoted…

“Some veteran media workers say that with Apple Daily gone and public broadcaster RTHK already muzzled, they fear independent online outlets such as Stand News, CitizenNews and Hong Kong Free Press may be the next targets.”
‘The pressure is unbearable’: final days of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily | Hong Kong | The Guardian