There are some Brits I know that don’t see a modern purpose for the monarchy. I just think it’s a wonderful thing. The faith aspects are tremendously uplifting. They couldn’t get away with not having other sects participating, but the Christian elements are marvelous.

Here’s to the fam and friends. Some fond memories here.

Jobs that ChatGPT cannot replace (yet)

Beyond physical-dependent jobs, ChatGPT/LLMs cannot now replace:

Teachers – in-person or Zoom understandably. While virtual learning by an AI can be impressive, that produced by a human excels IMHO.

Writers and Editors – human writers like a journalist or author can give a human touch and verify facts, i.e. these positions can fact-check where ChatGPT is in error.

Lawyers – though legal information has always been online, a real lawyer cannot currently be replaced.

Social Workers, Therapists and Other Medical professionals – as above, a doctor or nurse needs to see a patient at some point. I have had appointments with a doctor. It usually requires a physical followup and I *want* to see a real person for questions and feedback.

Management professionals – an AI C-suite professional cannot replace a real one yet.

These all come down to the need for a real human that can verify information and attend to a patient, business, or customer in person.

Human future, machine’s backward march

I’ve been wondering how transexual can lead to transhuman. It would seem that a person must lose connection with his sense of self. There is some evidence that the first happens as a social contagion, but transhuman is the complete dissociation from self.

With this, does the scripture “they know not what they do” apply to dissociation?

As the self dissolves further into mechanism, the human dissolves. At what point does life become extinguished? When does soul disappear and sin not imparted? Does the human still live?

Transhumanism is not a hopeful sign of man’s progress, despite its adherents and champions. The questions and unknowable answers are greater than genuine progress.


Write a constitution, and you generally have a more stable government.

Once you have it, defy it, and your actions are evident. The constitution is a witness against you. It looms large. The nation’s citizens are its citizens.

Its footprint shadows you. Now that the government is intended secure, culture and society thrive.

Those protected under the constitution can prosper, in wealth, mind, spirit. The pursuit of happiness is given to them to work out.

Poverty emerges in those countries without such a support. The weak have no place to rest. They are subject to violence and theft.

And so here: we hold these truths to be self-evident.

Captain Fantastic

What to make of the millennial want of the Winnebago lifestyle.

I see the sprinters here on the island sometimes. They’re parked along Ocean Drive. I will say that there are fewer messes when compared to the fast food wrapper-spewing lowriders. (What a mess.) At my prior employer, one of the young guys brought us outside to look at his tricked-out camper van.

It gives an honorable sense of not wanting to waste and decreasing your footprint. It’s actually kind of admirable, I think.

It’s difficult for me to comment on family matters as I don’t have any children. But I think there are a few things to say. One does not grow up as quickly as with kids. A friend often lectures me on “growing up.” There could be some anger toward him, but maybe he’s right? I do like the single life, but how would I change?

But with all due respect, I am not immature, .

I have thought about doing the Reese Witherspoon thing and hike for life. Sun-bleached mind tan (TM).

Does one need any responsibility without children? Am I serving society well? What is the debt to society?

I know, no man an island. Fine. But when you read of proud parents and proud friends, you do have a certain sadness/defiance.

Year upon year, time after time. What to leave the world other than children. So what if your name ends? Shakespeare’s lineage was gone in a generation. Posterity gets ideas and creativity.

So we of lesser insight should try something different.

Internet Bill of Rights

We need a change of business. The worst types are brought out in what we call dialogue on the internet. Not only is free speech restricted by those who hold the keys to SM, it is also promotional of content that draws the most likes and follows. Unfortunately, popularity promotes the most controversial, the most provocative. The merit of a post is that it draws likes.

The erudite and the interesting are drowned.

An internet bill of rights should promote good content and less clickbait.

It sounds like something that a censor would promote. How can good content be promoted other than by a Google-like algorithm? Google operates by popularity and quality of links to your page. What if Google promoted less popular content that was sharp? Is there a way to promote new good quality content?


My generation’s access to social media hinges on Facebook. I used to say “naw we can’t be classified.” But no. There are some things true about each generation. Mine is one already with kids and perhaps jobs, and other responsibilities. We don’t have a lot of access to contemporary music, cocktails, nights out.

FB provides an outlet for us as we cope with daily responsibilities. We speak with friends and “friends” on FB. I used to say some things that were “important,” but learned that is not in my bailiwick–as if it ever was. I have learned to be content with things I can speak about.

Two Realities

Been reading John Bolton’s The Room Where It Happened. I thought that Trump was reined in by the “adults in the room.” While that sometimes happened, those very same people failed in doing so in the long run.

The other reality? My relative just listened to another Trump rally today.

I don’t understand what the man is rallying for. Like my friend Gijo notes, neither Reagan nor the Bushes threw rallies after they left office. I also remember my first following politics in 1992. Bob Dole, while being unfortunately noncharismatic, was understandable and coherent. He didn’t fly off the handle, at least publicly. Trump brought vitriol and instability as he coped with a job he was unsuited for.

Is he planning a 2024 run? It seems so. There has to be a sane alternative.

OK, I’m a prepper

I bought some extra water because of recent events. I know, cyberattacks may not hit infrastructure–though there are cyberattacks right now in Ukraine, reportedly Russian state actors have not yet attacked infrastructure–but that’s the extent of my prepping. Things over there have continuously escalated, with Russian attacks on civilians, so no one knows what’s going to happen.

Biden: we will “use every tool to deter, disrupt, and if necessary, respond to cyberattacks against critical infrastructure.”

Slightly comforting.

Biden: There is “evolving intelligence that the Russian government is exploring options for potential cyberattacks.”

The government claims to be ready, but your enterprises and SMBs may not be.

There is something that you should be doing right now as an SMB or enterprise:  MFA should no longer be optional. It’s a comparatively small measure considering what could be in way of an attack.

The government made these suggestions, which are a good summing up:

– Deploy modern security tools on your computers and devices to continuously look for and mitigate threats
– Make sure that your systems are patched and protected against all known vulnerabilities, and change passwords across your networks so that previously stolen credentials are useless to malicious actors
– Back up your data and ensure you have offline backups beyond the reach of malicious actors
– Run exercises and drill your emergency plans so that you are prepared to respond quickly to minimize the impact of any attack
– Encrypt your data so it cannot be used if it is stolen
– Educate your employees to common tactics that attackers will use over email or through websites
– Work with FBI and CISA to establish relationships in advance of any cyber incidents

Raking it in

I’ve noticed that Trump supporters are paying to see speakers like Tucker Carlson and Charlie Kirk to the tune of $20 to $5000(!) I remember my relative saying “there’s no way [Trump] lost.” So 40-odd law suits later, they still think that. There is something akin to delusions of grandeur here–but with crowd size supposedly indicating where the nation is.

Pro-Ukrainian Memes

Interesting how many people are emoting about Ukraine. The question is, how long will this last?

This reminds me of something I learned from Ken Burn’s Civil War documentary. The series spoke of how when the war first started, people were not taking it seriously; some were watching the first battles like an amusement. Years later, the gravity of the conflict was evident.

Social media has that common emotional outpouring that gives some people meaning. But hopefully these pro-Ukraine memes will prove not weary, but genuine(and lasting for democracy).

Packages and Rescue Packages: Online Consumerism Shields a Brewing Storm

UPDATE 01/03/22  Evergrande stock: China’s property developer suspends trading in Hong Kong – CNN

While we’re shopping from Amazon (or at the mall?), ominous events are taking place in the investment world: China’s largest real estate company, Evergrande—with 200,000 employees and more than 1,300 developments in more than 280 cities–has defaulted on its $300 billion debt. This despite having real estate sales of $110 billion last year. Why is this significant? Never mind the awful consequences of our complete social shutdown—depression, suicide, drinking and drug use, reckless Covid relief and stimulus—the U.S. pension system and insurance funds are heavily invested in the collapsing Chinese real estate bubble and consequently, have lost billions. Other Western nations are in a similar bind. Continue reading “Packages and Rescue Packages: Online Consumerism Shields a Brewing Storm”