AI asking questions

Is it true that thought and consciousness will inevitably arise from the network? It seems inevitable that someone would ask this, and someone dishonest could report or make it appear that AI were thinking. Of course, the company evangelists and marketers are out there misleading.

In my opinion, the nature of AI thought does not come close to organic thought. They are completely different types of things.

But does this beg the question, can humans create an AI like organic thought, or must it be something only electrical because we cannot create a true AI modeled after humans? Our mind is a black box, we are born not knowing ourselves. Can we create something like us?

The most recent Boston Dynamics robots are scary impressive. But doesn’t this just evince that we can create something advanced, but not conscious?

Amateur thoughts, but just thinking.


Dear Prudence…

A phrase that was quoted by Twain and others is “better to be thought a fool and keep your mouth shut than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” (paraphrase)

In my personal life, this is a recent discovery 8^). I mean, I have encountered in debate with a friend, to wait and see what he says first.

I am also learning about how this relates to having proper boundaries. If you don’t keep your distance, you can end up full of emotion and lacking logic. Thinking meta.

Observing others goes hand-in-hand with respect for them as well. This leads to respective debate.