Coding Camp – Day 9 and 10!

We finished up Javascript (still using it though) and moved on to Web APIs. At the end of last night, a lot of us had a brain twister. It seemed only basic because I had used SetInterval before, but the requirements were confusing. We had a timer than would count down from 5 and then a message would appear a few words at a time. This was confusing. Was it the countdown we were setting an interval too, or the message? I was stumped. We all asked for help from one of the TAs. We also have another coding challenge due next week that I have for some reason not found.

Still it was a great time and it’s fun. On day 9 I had my first experience coding with others and loved it!

Coding Camp – Day 8

Today we learned some good stuff: I did not understand the syntax for function expressions v. function declarations. I also brought up one issue I have always had, closures, and the TA told me in a PM that we would be covering it soon. How to pass values between functions and functions within functions are some hard things for me. I did ask about the level of math needed and the instructor, Jeslyn said the use of it depends on the program. Good news 8^)

CIS Security Controls Explained

When we talk about security controls we are talking about technical and operational steps and settings for preventing or minimizing attacks. The Center for Internet Security has listed 18 controls as critical. With them you can minimize the risk of data breaches and exfiltration, IP and ID theft, corporate espionage, privacy loss, and denial of service attacks, among other cybersecurity threats. Continue reading “CIS Security Controls Explained”