Jobs that ChatGPT cannot replace (yet)

Beyond physical-dependent jobs, ChatGPT/LLMs cannot now replace:

Teachers – in-person or Zoom understandably. While virtual learning by an AI can be impressive, that produced by a human excels IMHO.

Writers and Editors – human writers like a journalist or author can give a human touch and verify facts, i.e. these positions can fact-check where ChatGPT is in error.

Lawyers – though legal information has always been online, a real lawyer cannot currently be replaced.

Social Workers, Therapists and Other Medical professionals – as above, a doctor or nurse needs to see a patient at some point. I have had appointments with a doctor. It usually requires a physical followup and I *want* to see a real person for questions and feedback.

Management professionals – an AI C-suite professional cannot replace a real one yet.

These all come down to the need for a real human that can verify information and attend to a patient, business, or customer in person.

Prehistoric v. Fallen

As Lewis points out, prehistoric man is only known to us by his gathering and hunting. But to him, the first civilizations that made artifacts seem superior. Our society, in turn, would look superior to the first civilizations because of the things we make. Lewis calls this the “idolatry of artifacts.”

But what we consider virtue becomes only what science terms the “herd instinct” of man, wherein we watch after our brother. Prehistoric man sins only against society. But the traditional concept of sin became that which is only against God.

God gave man a new consciousness wherein we became rational and aware of things like time passing and were first like Christ. But man became proud when he set himself as separate, falling when he turned from God to man and became a “spoiled species.” Today the fact we are “vermin” (Lewis) is legal fiction.

It’s easy to place our time as above the past, but sin in its essence has not changed since man gained consciousness. All the agendas in error today look on the past as inferior. This in itself is sin. We try to set ourselves apart as something more pure. Pride changes in its details, but not in its essence.

The problem is how to express adherence to the goodness of God in spite of our prideful rebellion.

Job deposit check scam

Just wanted to touch on one scam that is making the rounds. Many users know the scams to do with sending money to anyone over the internet. But what if you are given a check from a potential employer, such as to buy equipment or work tools, to deposit? What could happen? I interviewed a Chase representative, who told me that he has had recent cases where someone would deposit the check and then the scammer would tell the victim to send on part of the money, or buy gift cards with it. Similarly, “reshipping scams” will ask you to send on a package or funds to another address.

Another such scam can make use of your bank tracking number.

From the FTC’s Consumer Advice:

“The check will bounce, and the bank will want you to repay the amount of the fake check.”

Another warning here is a request to send ID such as a driver’s license as part of pre-employment requirements.

It all goes to the age-old maxim “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

New Babel?

There are international, human values that can enable a tower of Babel today. But a new language of science wants to unite under its banner without the core values.

One’s philosophies and beliefs manifest the trajectory of one’s life, and human language is a necessity. If our previous, foundational values varied too broadly, a new language would not be possible.

Focus should be on base communication, in my opinion. A lack of proper education has created individuals more separate from core critical skills. We do not need more skilled professionals who cannot function separately from technology.

A new Babel would only successfully build on core skills.