CertificationsHi, I’m J.C. Berry (pen name Cross), and I’m a web developer and freelance writer.

My dev work is mostly coding and marketing support. I previously worked eight years as a web designer for a busy marketing department and three years as an interface developer for the San Diego Union-Tribune. I’m currently writing cybersecurity content (blogs / eBooks). Pieces on other subjects are available by request. I value candor in the pursuit of excellence. I conquer problems.

I live in San Diego with my Boston Terrier Jax.


Business Owner’s Guide to Cybersecurity eBook and FTC Safeguards Rule eBook

I did these two ebooks for my last employer. I wrote the content, targeted at small-to-medium businesses and organizations, and chose the images. The Business Owner’s Guide to Cybersecurity was the first. The second is targeted to those organizations that are subject to the updated FTC Safeguards Rule.


FTC Safeguards Rule eBook

Touchstone White Paper

My uncle’s company in the U.K. – not yet available
Touchstone Landing Page

Weather Checker & Third-Party API Work Day Scheduler

Express, Node, localstorage
Weather Checker  Work Day Scheduler

Web APIs Coding Quiz & JavaScript Password Generator

Coding Quiz  Password Generator

Object-Relational Mapping E-commerce Back End (VIDEO) & Node.js README.md Generator (VIDEO)

Sequelize, Express
Ecommerce Backend  Readme Generator

RegEx Tutorial

Did a Regex Tutorial in an README.md format text file

AirDnD Project (under development)

React, MongoDB, Apollo/GraphQL, Express, Node
Home & Character Card
AirDnd Homepage  AirDnD Character

Add Character & Add Meetup
AirDnD Add Character  AirDnD Add Meetup
SwiftInv Project

My part was a fully responsive front-end. (currently unavailable)
SwiftInv login

Results and Manage pages.
SwiftInv Results Screen
SwiftInv Manage Screen

XiFiN Corporate Site

My position at XiFiN involved marketing processes (Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics), support, SEO, and Drupal administration and training. I saw the site through three versions. We eventually used the pre-built theme below for the current site at www.xifin.com. It was recently redesigned. I also built a customer portal and product microsites.

XIFIN thumbnail

CONTENT page layouts

XIFIN content page alternate 1
XIFIN content page alternate 3

XiFiN Customer Christmas Card

For our customers, the email graphic led to the globe animation.

XIFIN Christmas Card email  XIFIN Christmas Card animated globe

J.C. Berry – Web Developer, Writer, Recovering Provocateur