A Happy Thanksgiving

I was thinking about politics in regard to TG Day. It’s a series of memes. So my sister and her bf are coming to have dinner tomorrow and they’re also bringing their dog Oliver and my pup Jax back. They both differ in their politics from my mother and me, but are decent.

And if my brother were here? Not a guarantee of peace.

So I think there’s some humor in how the past and current presidents had their positive memorable phrases or slogans:

Reagan – A shining city on a hill
GHW Bush – A thousand points of light
Clinton – Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
GW Bush – Compassionate conservatism and mission accomplished
Obama – Yes we can
Trump – Make America great again
Biden – I have no idea

That last one could be enough of a jump off point to a shallow argument. But slogans do not make the man. They do make for good argument material though. Why someone could not just keep their mouth shut and love their family is beyond me.

So I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and drop a note to say what you’re doing. Blessings!

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