San Diego through the Ages

When we moved here in the 70s, there was still farmland, according to my mom. Check this out. –>




We lived here until the mid-80s:

Then in the 90s, when I came back to San Diego, I attended PLNU here. There was also a recession going on by the end of college.
News 8 Throwback 1992: Redevelopment and revitalization in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter – YouTube

After doing my graduate work in Virginia, I came back to a vastly richer town. High rises full of condos, gentrified neighborhoods, long lines at trendy restaurants. They’re revitalizing everything and despite saying they intend to build, or have built low income units, that’s not a priority.

San Diego City Council OKs Redevelopment Of Historic Downtown Theater – YouTube

Now we have unaffordable housing. I’m not saying that people are homeless because of lack of housing, but the amount of homeless now is just crazy–and sometimes foul. Over 1,000 people live downtown on the street.

Mondays Are Moving Day For San Diego’s Homeless – YouTube

Something needs to be done. I am not uncompassionate, but letting people sleep outside is not compassionate. Also, people who live downtown in their condos have to put up with urine, feces, and violence from the homeless:

Victims of Random Attacks by Homeless Want City, Police to Do More – NBC 7 San Diego (

This seems like a worthy gesture.

3rd Annual Step Up! Walk to End Homelessness — HomeAid® San Diego | Building A Future Without Homelessness (

It is generally accepted that housing first is the proper start here.

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