Bank cyber recommendations

A local bank sent out a newsletter about how relying on caller ID is no longer possible. Scammers can spoof phone numbers. 

Also, watch out for callers impersonating a bank, credit card or other financial account representative. Don’t provide any PII or financial account information over the phone. Hang up and call your institution directly. Do not click any email links or texts if you don’t know if they are from who they say they are.

Watch out for scammers saying fraud has occurred and phone calls, texts, links or emails that try to get you to provide real information about your accounts. Don’t perform any sending or transferring of money by phone, text or email. Banks will never get you to transfer money to yourself.

  • Who are you sending money to?
  • Who are you talking to or emailing?
  • Avoid giving out PII or account details.
  • When in doubt, hang up and call your bank directly.
  • Avoid urgent requests for money or supposed account problems.

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