Don’t think it can’t happen to you. What’s at risk?

You may not want to address cybersecurity, thinking it can’t happen to you. But it can. You hear the stories about the big companies hit with a cyberattack, but thousands of attacks are happening right now. Sixty seven percent of SMBs with fewer than 1,000 employees have experienced a cyberattack; fifty-eight percent have been hit with a data breach. An attack will affect everything you do–and more than likely (60% of SMBs) lead to bankruptcy within a year.

Everything you’ve worked for and love.

Finances are the thing that you as a business owner are, rightly, concerned about. Even if your company does not end up bankrupt, your business could be saddled with immense costs, possible fines and lawsuits over a data breach. Day-to-day operations that could be disrupted:  employee daily workflows, customer service, and regulation and compliance requirements.

Your plans for the future could also be threatened. You saw a vision for the future, attracting new customers, generating new business and creating a well-known brand. Your reputation could be damaged.

Part of the growth threatened is improvements in employee communication, performance, motivation and cyber savvy, and you can’t attract new, diverse talent to a company with a bad rep.

Over 92% of cyberattacks start with email. It may have been a careless employee who put your business at risk, clicking a phishing link or being scammed by email. That’s means you know how to stop most attacks: cyber education for your employees.

You need to prepare. Fight for what you love and built.

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