Turn Old Samsung phones into IOT devices

I wish I had seen this before giving away an old S. It’s a good step for recycling and gives you warm fuzzies. With the latest software update, Samsung phones now have the SmartThings Labs feature on their existing SmartThings app to choose how they want to repurpose older devices, into childcare monitors, a pet care solution, or a light sensor. Earlier in the month, the company announced that the phones can now be attached to a handheld fundus camera called the Eyelike, which were made using Samsung’s own design. (Fundus cameras take images of the rear portion of an eye, including the retina, macula, fovea, optic disc and posterior pole.) The technology will aid healthcare workers in low income areas around the world in assessing eye health.


It’s part of Galaxy Upcycling Program – Samsung US Newsroom

I think they’re on the ball here. Last year, 50 million tons of electronics were discarded. And Apple could do something similar, you’d think, with their new disposable iMacs being an unfortunate sign:

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