FBI sends exposed addresses to haveibeenpwned?

Back in January,  Europol, the FBI, the UK’s National Crime Agency, and law enforcement agencies from Canada, France, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Ukraine collaborated in the takedown of the Emotet botnet. Emotet included several hundred servers managing a botnet consisting of over 1.6 million computers and devices. Now the FBI has forwarded a list of exposed email addresses to the Australian-built service, haveibeenpwned.com.

Emotet has usually been distributed in high volume malicious emails. The emails ask receivers to click a link or open harmful attachments disguised as invoices, shipping notices, and COVID-19 information. Enabling macros will install the malware on the device. The really nasty stuff deployed via Emotet is ransomware.

Just type in your email address and click to see if your email is among this and other breaches. Scroll down and view the specific services exposed with your email address.

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