Youth Cybercrime and Flash Mob Robberies

Thinking of how script kiddies are using hacking tools–including ransomware–and many of them are kiddies. Every 39 seconds there is a new cyber attack. That’s 2244 daily, 30000 websites globally, and 64% of businesses were hit with at least one type of cyberattack. Youth take part in a significant portion of these attacks.

If we juxtapose this cybercrime with flash mob robberies, we see parental, social, and educational moral inculcation is failing. 2022 statistics show that 43% of high-end businesses have been targeted by organized robberies. Between Fall 2021 and Aug 23 this year, over 170 businesses in LA were hit. Nationwide smash-and-grab robberies rose 26% between 2020 and 2021. And it’s not only high-end stores.

There’s a spiritual vacuity bred in a nihilism where faith could be. Can we draw anything from young people who idolize the rich and famous? There’s a youth identity crisis.

A friend had a party for his daughter where her and her friends’ parents told of their professions. The young ladies gathered ignored the adult professions of flight attendants and business people. They said they wanted to be famous. This is not only the Gen Zers. A neighbor in her 30s said this same thing.

You can’t impart to youth spiritual teachings if they are absorbed in–and subject to–popular culture and its accouterments. They can’t realize their potential either.

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