There’s a lot of things going on in the news. UFOs are a diversion.

As for what they are, I suggest some are weather balloons, but the fast ones? Military craft.

But according to Discover Magazine, “1,715 stars within 326 light-years are in the right position to have spotted life on a transiting Earth since early human civilization, with an additional 319 stars entering this special vantage point in the next 5,000 years… Exoplanet statistics suggest that at least 25 per cent of these stars will have rocky exoplanets. So there should be at least 508 rocky planets in this population with a good view of earth. ‘Restricting the selection to the distance radio waves from Earth have traveled- about 100 light-years – leads to an estimated 29 potentially habitable worlds that could have seen Earth transit and also detect radio waves from our planet.'”

Certainly, aliens would be a change in the subject. But pressing issues remain: corruption, homelessness, threats to world order, immorality, energy needs, hunger, disease, pandemics.

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