The rich get…

During my life, I have seen various financial crises that seemed to resolve into the “rich getting richer”:
When I was young, the savings and loan crisis.
During college, the first real estate boom during my life and resultant crash.
During grad school, the dotcom crash.
During 08-09, the second real estate crash.
Since 2020, the slowing recession.

I can be cynical that this will happen every generation, but I have seen all these and not benefited in the least–though my ex and I were strapped during the dotcom and 08. One could become disillusioned as well as cynical.

But the billionaires seem to get more billions. Musk has the money to say what he wants, lose money, and yet prosper. (I am not one to laud him for his free speech successes as he is not out for the right.)

I had an inside view of the dotcom and 08 crash. I saw the foolishness that was and saw the hubris partly responsible there. I worked at the SDUT during the 08 crash and the demise of newspapers. Now, I have written cyber blogs and seen the increase in scams, but also this period where government-colluding social media rule.

I cannot become an anti-capitalist. There’s nowhere else to go.

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