Do you have a dark web presence?

Heard this radio interview yesterday with BorderLAN. Among the notes:
1. Don’t be lazy in getting your cyber. Don’t say “we’re just a small company and hackers are not after us.”
2. In order to get cyber insurance, you are first going to have to:
   A. Perform on/offsite backups
   B. Get effective anti-malware
   C. Have you even blocked certain IPs, like from North Korea?
“Do what you do as a small business and leave us to do our job, what we do to protect you,” said the company rep.
The dark web is filled with data. There are supercomputers out there doing continual scans for vulns. We can search for your data out there. It’s like Amazon/auction for hackers. Free hacking tools for script kiddies (no experience needed).
The government just spent $2-3 trillion but $5-6 trillion is already out there on the dark web (ransomware and other data hostage, things like free videos of porn, human trafficking, software serial numbers, free stuff!)

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