Pegasus enables warfare

Cyber war is evolving to a state where there could be conventional warfare in retaliation for a cyber attack. You can use my paywall hack to view this article if you are not a NYT subscriber (
“Cyberweapons have changed international relations more profoundly than any advance since the advent of the atomic bomb. In some ways, they are even more profoundly destabilizing — they are cheap, easily distributed and can be deployed without consequences to the attacker. Dealing with their proliferation is radically changing the nature of state relations, as Israel long ago discovered and the rest of the world is now also beginning to understand.
“More than 75 years after the invention of nuclear weapons, only nine countries appear to have a usable one. But dozens of countries already have cyberweapons. ‘Everybody seems to want them,’ Mark told me, ‘and this gives enormous power to the countries who sell them and can use them for diplomatic advantage.’
“It has also led to a huge increase in government spying, for good and for ill.”

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