Gadgets 01/15/2022: CES tech, DJI Mavic drone, Best Buy TVs, Galaxy entry level phone

Late stuff from CES:

This is a slick projector, but looks like currently out of stock at both Amazon and Samsung. 180 degrees, speaker sound waves in all directions, streaming apps, playlist, voice assistants. “The projector optimizes screen size, auto-focuses, and levels the image even when pointed on an angle.” Also adjusts the color temperature of the projector to accommodate non-white walls, and has built-in Samsung Smart TV.

New Garmin smartwatch with phone call and voice assistant support, and AMOLED display.

This is crazy cool stuff. Is foldable tech maturing?

More CES tech
Best of CES 2022: Gaming Gear, PCs, Home Entertainment, Transportation | WIRED

Other stuff:

I’m not a drone guy, but ZDNet raving about this for 2022.

These deals are wow. Want to upgrade one of my TVs.

Got one of these entry level phones for my mom. Simple and does all she wants. I really don’t know why you would need anything else.


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