WordPress: A History of Dev Rollbacks

So I had a hard-learned lesson with WordPress history in Elementor. If you want to review or roll back to a prior version of the site as you work on it, remember to select the starred revision, or other revision you would like to save, before you close it! Specifically:

At right at the bottom, you can see the history button, which is the circle with arrow denoting time rotating counterclockwise. Select that and you see the Actions and Revisions tabs.

Actions is only the history of your current session, which is erased at end of your session.

Revisions are steps that have been saved either manually in your session or automatically at the end of your editing session.

Again, when you are finished viewing the revision make sure you select the correct version you would like WordPress to keep upon saving. It’s really sad when you lose everything after your work of X number of days.

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