Dictionary.com Changes and Early Covid-era Mental Health Suggestions

ATTENTION: The discussion below includes talk of suicidal ideation. If you or someone you know is having any suicidal ideation, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255). People care about you.

Dictionary.com has removed the word “commit” in various references to suicide.

And has the following recommendations for being aware of and helping those struggling with suicidal ideation:

  • Adopt a nonjudgmental and open-minded attitude
  • Show you care by listening actively, without interrupting or giving advice unless prompted
  • Ask open-ended questions instead of “yes”-or-“no” questions to keep the conversation going
  • Validate the feelings of the other person; it’s OK to not be OK, and sometimes just holding space for another to express themselves can be deeply comforting

Because I am so high functioning, it took me a long time to acknowledge having a mental illness. Talk it out. Below are some early Covid-era mental health suggestions (by early I mean under more stringent sheltering conditions), from Mental Health During Coronavirus (seizetheawkward.org):

  • Engage in live streams – from your favorite yoga studio to your favorite artists
  • Schedule virtual dinners or dance parties with friends
  • Start a virtual book club
  • Participate in online game nights
  • Plan to watch television shows or movies at the same time and video chat to share reactions
  • Enroll in remote learning classes or look up tutorials online
  • Go on virtual museum tours together
  • Share your favorite recipes or host a virtual cooking competition
  • Try a home workout together

“Whatever Gets You Talking” | Seize the Awkward | Ad Council – YouTube

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