How to Write White Papers #1

In learning how to write white papers with White Papers for Dummies and other sources, I got the idea for this post.

To make a company stand out, you must present a next gen solution to a problem. In a paper I am writing right now, the client has a product that is not just an iteration, but something that is going to change the game.

I have already written an executive summary. This is geared to physicians and hospitals, and I need to come up with a great title. The book says that it should mirror the issue being discussed. I don’t know the client’s wishes yet or reactions to this initial summary, but I do know that a problem being presented needs a solution that only you can offer. I am trying to figure out a metaphor or just start with a question.

This seems really technical though in the prior white papers of theirs. Marketing has a better set of ideas than what they appeared to have done previously. It’s all about getting them into the top of the sales funnel (or perhaps later).

I don’t know if they will like a problem/solution white paper that is a hard sell–but that’s what I gave them. Hoping for some guidance.

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