Disrespect Parents, Despise Country

I read the first volume of the Rational Bible by Dennis Prager and was struck by the beautifully simple exposition, especially of the Ten Commandments. I was thinking on the commandment to honor your father and mother. Prager writes that we obey the president and police, so why can’t we honor our parents? We don’t obey them as adults, though we don’t treat them as peers either. He also suggests that our kids and other adults will see and emulate our actions toward our parents.

But the part I wished to write about is his realization that culture, religion and ethics are transmitted on to the next generation, if we honor our parents. Included here is the respect for the elder generations. If kids and young adults today don’t learn about the sacrifices that those generations have made, they will more likely also not appreciate our country.

Unfortunately I think, our Millennial and Gen-Z generations have been taught this very thing. Walking on the beach boardwalk, I have been bumped by kids walking past me and some don’t even apologize.

I remember being taught in junior high and high school that “I have rights” to disrespect my parents and protest any punishments. Disrespect for our flag and country are concurrent with that for our parents. But the Left are promoting hatred of America and “white racism.” If we or ours kids forget our country’s greatness, we disrespect those elders who fought for it.

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