As Democracy Slept Hong Kong Wept

China is continuing its march to unification of Hong Kong’s system of laws with the mainland’s. Is the U.K. or the U.S. going to do anything, not just talk? If we place sanctions then more Hong Kongers are going to jail because they “colluded.” Of course, we know that they come for the free press first. I don’t know the American people’s level of concern about this. As a journalist by education, I’m truly alarmed that a free press is critical to the whole world. Yes, there are enough concerns here about freedom of the press (Facebook, Twitter), but this is going to test our resolve. Not enough coverage.

“‘When sharp criticisms are completely gone, mild criticisms are seen as a nuisance,’ said one person in mainland China“When mild criticisms are not tolerated, silence is seen as an ulterior motive. When silence is not allowed, inadequate praises are a crime. If only one type of voice is allowed, then that voice is a lie!'”

“…In a circular argument they say the press has nothing to fear, as long as journalists do not break the law which they refuse to define…
International outrage has had no effect. On Friday, [Hong Kong’s security chief, John Lee] and the police commissioner, Chris Tang, were promoted…

“Some veteran media workers say that with Apple Daily gone and public broadcaster RTHK already muzzled, they fear independent online outlets such as Stand News, CitizenNews and Hong Kong Free Press may be the next targets.”
‘The pressure is unbearable’: final days of Hong Kong’s Apple Daily | Hong Kong | The Guardian

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