Ransomware Signs, VM Use, and More Disaster Planning

ZDNet made some more suggestions to avoid reduce the chances that you are compromised by ransomware:
– Create airgapped backups
– Patch patch patch your systems
– Set complex password standards on your systems
– Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
– Use enterprise versions of VM software (Another vector has been discovered where cybercriminals are using VM’s load their ransomware on a system.)
– Map out your network and know where your important assets are

Unfortunately, those preparations may not help. I wrote about having a plan in case of ransomware disaster, and in another article, ZDNet had some additional recommendations for disaster preparation in case of a ransomware attack:
– How much will the company be willing to pay out?
– Who on the company’s board of directors will negotiate with the hackers?
– Who in law enforcement will be the point of contact? (https://www.zdnet.com/article/have-we-reached-peak-ransomware-how-the-internets-biggest-security-problem-has-grown-and-what-happens-next).

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