Push Pull

Through a glass darkly, I see creation’s start. Music of the spheres overdone. Dark matter is not absorbed, but reflects, then emits.

The dark will push, the Earth pulls.

Oh energy that repulses, you force from the vacuum. Virtuals pop in and out, ephemeral and unmeasurable.

So now, as before, waves slow down, clocks contract.
Photonic speed, your waves are gone, your time frozen.

The clock ticks again, light curves past weak gravity and strangely tall mountains.

Motion accelerates, time curves. Photonic blasts now oscillate and permeate,
Light pings IP-electrons. As we approach the end, we are heavier and attracted. Electron or quarks? Neutrinos.

Do I say it is matter?

Do I say it is force?

Remnants of perfection. If only subradio or ultragamma.
Multidimensional mind may see them?

Echoes of strings I saw in the mirror.
Travel by quantum, spin wormhole through the gateway,
No experiment illuminates pure thought.

Molecules bound, matter bound, forces bound,
Now decay and strength of the nucleus has created understanding.

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