Hibernating ends

Coding camp finished. Six months!

I was very impressed at the camp content. It was so complete. It gave a great starting point to dive more into it. However, I was behind the last few weeks. As I said before, if you take one of these, make sure you don’t leave things undone more than one class period. For those in the 3 month course, I can’t imagine how they did it.

Matt Banz from Google was a phenomenal teacher. He was erudite and yet, approachable.  So were the TAs, who were always available and led me through it rather than just giving me the answers.

We started with HTML and CSS, then quickly pivoted to JavaScript, the only programming language we used throughout the course. I had no idea what Node was on the server-side. I had never built a server before.

But those weaknesses quickly faded as I learned each week. No vanity needed.

Right now, getting back to writing cyber and figuring out next steps–with development or not?

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