Business Continuity in the Age of Ransomware

The goal of Disaster Recovery Planning is to enable a company to continue doing business in the least amount of interruption. Parts of the plan should include:

1. Which data and systems are backed up, as well as specific details like where the backups should be kept, how frequently are they made, and how the data can be recovered.
2. Details on network topology, redundancy and agreements with Internet Service Providers.
3. Contact information for the team who are charged with response and recovery.
4. The process for testing the DRP.
5. A plan for managing the crisis, including dealing with outside contacts, and communicating with the media, law enforcement and legal counsel.

The goal is to decrease the risks of losing critical data.

Ransomware disaster recovery is one of the essential tasks that a company should engage in, but other crises can also be averted or dealt with through this sort of plan.

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