Gadgets 09/25/2021: Fold 3, Galaxy S22/22+ advance view, $150 off 2020 Macbook M1 13″, Noku Canvas wall planter, Nest Everyday Adventure Backpack

My new tech days are comprised of today’s deals and then upcoming tech that I think kewl.

The Fold 3 doesn’t seem to have the same problems as the prior versions (the Fold 1 in particular broke upon much folding). I really like the pinned taskbar for multi-tasking. I think that further adds to a Windows/Mac taskbar experience. But the crease issue could be reason for waiting for maturity of the tech. (My friend j0mb13 said he’ll wait for it to become more durable/less trendy.) This is a very popular review.

Look forward to Samsung Galaxy 22/22+ – The Ultra model will have a S-Pen!

2020 Apple MacBook Air Laptop: Apple M1 Chip, 13” – rare deal with $150 off, costing just $850

The Noku Canvas: bring your walls to life. This would add to Zen ambiance, or future city night soundtrack.

Nest: The Everyday Adventure Backpack
This backpack has some great organization/modular ecosystem for your gadgets. I still prefer my leather laptop case, which is made for a 17″er.


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