Win Friends and Influence People!

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People had the following key insights:

  • Criticism demoralizes and causes people to resent you, not respect you. Give encouragement and genuine appreciation, you will get positive results.
  • Listen and show interest in others if you want to be liked and respected.
  • Telling people they are wrong could turn them against you. Lay down your weapons and don’t argue.
  • Ask questions and you could gain common ground with others.
  • Let others take the credit; results matter more than you being recognized.
  • Strive for empathy and you can win hearts and minds.
  • Take into account that people are more motivated by self-interest if you want to persuade them.
  • Cultivate feelings of loyalty and gratitude by letting others save face when they fail or make a mistake.
  • Verbally compliment by acknowledging people’s potential and they will perform better.

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